Meet Pastor Joel Kok

“When I meet people, a guiding light comes from a statement Jesus makes in John 15:15, “I have called you friends.”

Jesus explains that for him, friendship means that he has shared his Father’s plan for saving the world by love; and those who join him in carrying out that plan are people he calls friends. For me, Jesus’ view of friendship means that even when I first meet people, I can approach them as friends because Jesus’ desire is for us to share in his ministry of love for the world. I find it fascinating to explore with people how Jesus’ love for them has formed their lives so far and how we can build on that love together.

One formative factor in my life was my frequent moves during my childhood. Because my father served as a chaplain in the military, we moved every few years, and I attended eight schools in twelve years. As a Pastor, I have served Churches in a couple of places, and every place I have moved, the Lord provided friends, so that wherever I live becomes my home. I hope you and I can talk sometime and explore why Jesus has arranged for us to meet.

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